Services Offered:
Personal Training Basic personal training. We start with your consultation to determine what you like/dislike. We will then plan an exercise routine that will be fun and effective.
Virtual Personal Training Don't live nearby? Not a problem! This is also an option for someone who has the motivation to get themselves exercising, but just isn't sure how to go about it or what to do. I will design a workout program for you and will stick with you as you progress, changing the routine as needed. We will stay in contact via email and weekly phone calls.
Run/Triathlon Training Programs
First Marathon/Half Marathon This program is suited for the beginner runner or someone who just wants to finish their first marathon/half marathon.
Intermediate Marathon/Half This program is a step up from the first marathon program. This is idea for someone who's done a marathon before or is experienced in running and has a specific goal time.
Couch to Sprint Triathlon A sprint triathlon is typically the first triathlon distance in which one will compete. This consists of a swim of between 500-750 meters, 12 mile bike ride, and a 5k run. Courses can range from flat and easy to hilly and very difficult. Don't let the distance fool you, even this distance can be quite challenging. This program is meant to help someone who's brand new to fitness prepare for their first sprint distance race.
Couch to Olympic Triathlon An olympic distance triathlon is what you'll see in, you guessed it, the olympics. This is a step up from the sprint with distances typically consisting of a 1500 meter swim, a 24 mile bike ride, and a 10k run. This program will help you the athlete who's new to fitness to finishing an olympic distance race.
Half Ironman

Welcome to the big time! Here's where it starts getting crazy. I do not offer a coach to half ironman plan because that just doesn't happen. In my opinion you need a solid base to perform a race of this distance. This race consists of a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bike ride, and a half marathon (13.1 mile run).

Don't take what I said to mean that if you're new to fitness you can't do this race. It's just a much longer training program but there's no reason you cannot reach this level. Anyone can do it and I'll help you get there if this is your ultimate goal. If you're new to fitness, we would start with a couch to olympic then bridge to half ironman. This would be typically at least a year to train for if you're new.

Full Ironman

Welcome to the big daddy of endurance events! For many people this is a bucket list dream. Some people think this is completely un-doable but it's not at all. What this consists of is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a marathon(26.2 miles) run. This must be completed in 17 hours.

For the new athlete this is typically a 2 year training program, even for the inexperienced triathlete. If this is your goal, I will help you get there. This program will also include nutrition tips, flat tire repair, transition help, and how to focus mentally for the entire day.